Created By Synchromesh
Written by David Braben & Ian Bell
in 1982. It was first published by
Acornsoft on the BBC Micro in
September 1984 to huge critical
acclaim. A Game that was like
no other and has become known
as a landmark in gaming history.
Elite was converted to a many
other home computer platforms.

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"Elite"..... Amiga
Arguably the most playable and
updated version of the original
game boasting very fast & solid
polygons. A whole new look to
the front end cockpit & all new
graphically pleasing interface on
the map and trading screens.
An improved docking and launch
sequence was also incorporated.

"Frontier Elite II"
The long awaited sequel to Elite
It took david five and a half years
to create this masterpiece giving
us an even bigger galaxy & some
of the most incredible graphics
ever seen on the home computer.
Incredibly this game fitted on a
single floppy disk and still has
a large community of followers.
"First Encounters Elite III"
Similar to its predecessor Frontier:
the game had a combination of
trading, fighting and a variety of
other aspects like spying, bombing
and a variety of military activities.
First Encounters features realistic
Newtonian physics and  Gouraud
shading with a more extensive
use of texture mapping



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Elite, released in the United Kingdom in 1984 and the United States a year later, was the first major entry in a genre now called the "space sim."
Developed by Ian Bell and David Braben for the BBC Micro, Elite made a big impact in the United Kingdom, the only territory where Acorn's BBC
Micro and compatible budget-friendly Electron computers had a presence.... The Complete documentary below tells David & Ian's incredible story

Full Documentary...The History of Elite and the story of David Braben & Ian Bell.